Bobwellson has been founded in 2010 by Mr.Seiji Namague & Mr.Tatori Auchi. Our Manufacture crafts exclusive creations in its workshop in Saitama & Hokkaido Japan. Now the two generations of founders have passed away. and has entered the 3rd generation of successors. The owner of the 3rd generation is a Thai national. Therefore, the base warehouse was moved to Thailand. But the assembly plant and movement production line remain in Japan. So your order from now on will be shipped out from Thailand. We offer an innovative approach to time telling, Bobwellson applies its technical expertise to design creation. Since 2018, our products have been designed by European designers. Some of them are French and Belgian.

Bobwellson started from homage watch until making it famous, therefore, now have our own designs distinctive and different and are in the position of Microbrand and we can be delivered to customers all over the world. The important thing is that we do not back down even if we encounter any obstacles. We will continue to move forward even though it is slow but not stopping. This is what early founders like us should do. In order to have a reputation that lasts for the next 100 years, please be assured to choose our watches. because whatever will happen Bobwellson will continue to move forward.

This is the determination of our brand. We strive to make our watches rare, so we produce very few of each model and remain limited. for collectors to be proud of the watches they own. Since ours are rare, we have to come with durability and high quality so that our watches will last a lifetime. You can collect them to make a profit in the future. In the past, we are still proud that our watches some models have been sold at auction and the prices are still higher than when they were launched. which is in accordance with the supply-demand mechanism which we do not control or intend to be But it’s natural. A heartfelt thanks to our collectors and customers.