Open for reservation Bobwellson LEGION⚓ [ VI ] ?
This round, the selling price is for fun, limited production, and focusing on fun, not sales. Only sensitivity can be obtained. Legion VI is now the sixth generation of the brass body series. It is the most popular series of all time. No matter how many models come out, no matter how many times, they will be sold out immediately. It’s a “must-have” series for all Wellson gentlemen. This time, the brand plays a difficult pose ? I know that the fans like this series and will never have enough to sell one model. But they produced less than in the previous model. Emphasis on fun, not on top, This new model is made to be played with only 299 watches around the world.

“Making hundreds and playing millions” is not too much of a word. The latest launch content takes them scuba diving to find a legendary diving helmet, The helmet is engraved on the back cover of this model. It is a spectacular video with amazing work from a national filming team. This model, the brand plays big for this size. Anyone who can buy it in time must be very proud.
Legion VI, in addition to being a new release, This model is also the debut model of the brand’s new design case, called “Mariner Millionaire”, reflecting the concept of tough-rugged-rugged and luxurious. Ten years later, we can talk. That is the first one I have arranged since the launch.

Product details
Brass case, real brass, size 44 mm, brass, cut edge, diamond polished, super-luminova® glow, blue-green alternately Distinctive with a special anchor Second hand Bobwellson’s identity only. The case comes with dualscrew™ screwing in every system It is Beautiful, outstanding, diving grade, rugged, and luxurious Genuine leather strap drab green, and Raised glass Premium in this model. The house has beautiful dimensions. By designing and using a special glass that is thicker and raised higher than ordinary. Legion VI watches add luxury and make it stand up to the pressure under the ocean Comes with a water resistance of 100m, the Legion VI comes with a special Made in Japan movement. Quartz system machine with smooth movement of the second hand like an automatic, suitable as a watch to wear every day ready to go through every situation just taking care Replace batteries every 2 years. Let this watch be another easy part of your life.

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